Rocane Clarke

Rocane Clarke


Hello, I’m Rocane Clarke
About Me

Rocane Clarke is a serial entrepreneur, he is hardworking, driven and focused in achieving results, loves having fun, spending time outdoors and being around his family.

Rocane believes in simplicity; if he can see it, he can achieve it.

Rocane has mastered skills in building and construction, property sourcing and property development. He is also an expert in transportation services and a certified award-winning client acquisition specialist which has helped him to seamlessly transition into blockchain technology and person to person marketing.

Rocane is trained and certified as a theta healer practitioner. Whilst embarking on this journey, he got in tune with spirituality and a deeper understanding of oneself and the human purpose, believing that each person has a unique value to fulfil before transitioning

Chose to work with HyperNation

I have been involved with blockchain/network marketing industry since May 2021

I believe HyperNation is going to be the most fair and effective platform offering real value and real opportunity in the blockchain space, based upon what HyperFund/HyperVerse has delivered so far.

I choose to work with HyperNation because it is the best platform in the blockchain space offering real opportunity to acquire and participate in the NFT space, whilst allowing you to grow a community and be rewarded bountifully.

By working with HyperNation, I can help people by offering education and training, based on the principles of earning whilst learning

Rocane Clarke's Lifestyle

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